February 2, 2017
Capital Investments acts as exclusive financial advisor to Jordan Magnesia Company (JorMag) and its majority shareholder Arab Potash Company on sale of JorMag to Manaseer Group

On February 2, 2017 Manaseer Group for Industrial and Commercial Investments LLC acquired 100% of JorMag’s share capital for a total consideration of US$12.5 million

March 12, 2018
Fixed Income Weekly March 12, 2018

Market Update
The resignation of Gary Cohn, best known free trade advocate, shocked global financial markets and set developed sovereign yields lower at the start of last week as traders became more skeptical about the global trade war rhetoric. Afterwards, yields stabilized as traders braced for the ECB meeting and the intensity of trade war cooled down. Nevertheless, developed sovereign yields closed the week nearly flat on the back of the strong U.S. employment report. U.S., Germany and Japan’s 10 year yields ended the week almost unchanged at 2.89%, 0.64%, and 0.04%, respectively.