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  • As a leading Iraqi developer of business parks and a key supplier of oil and gas equipment and services, Field Energy Services operates under undeniably challenging market conditions. So when the company wanted to raise equity capital for a series of diverse logistical developments designed to serve the country’s oil companies and subcontractors, it turned to Capital Investments to support its efforts.
  • By seeking out strategic regional investors and successfully raising the necessary equity capital, Capital Investments was able to establish a separate entity that then entered into a joint venture with Field Energy Services. This joint venture, Iraq Logistics Ventures, will construct and manage a USD30 million business park in the Basra governorate. This park will feature accommodation facilities, offices, and industrial warehouse units, all designed to support international oil companies and subcontractors operating in Iraq. This joint venture marked a crucial milestone in underscoring the potential of long-term partnerships between Iraqi and foreign companies.