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Commercial Loan

A loan that addresses liquidity and cash flow concerns, Capital Bank offers commercial loans at fixed interest rates, with flexible terms.

Discounted Promissory Notes

Capital Bank issues discounted promissory notes – commercial checks with various maturity dates and creditors. The bank pays the value of the promissory note to the final beneficiary (discounter) prior to its maturity date. The beneficiary then relinquishes the rights to the value of the note and endorses it in favor of the bank

Overdraft Facilities

Business overdraft borrowing is a form of credit facility that takes place when commercial customers make payments that exceed the available balance in their current accounts.

Revolving Credit Facilities

This type of loan allows clients to carry out several transactions within the limit, such that the terms of payment for each transaction fit with the turnover of the funded asset.

SME lending through liwwa

This product allows Small and Medium Enterprises with the opportunity to submit their Credit Facilities requests electronically in a secure way to obtain financing facilities from Capital Bank as per their needs, according to the signed agreement with liwwa and to respond to these requests in a very quick way..

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