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Regional Presence

Capital Investments boasts a network of financial and investment institutions across the Middle East. Learn more about our regional presence and operations.

Capital Bank of Jordan (Capital)

Capital Bank of Jordan was established in 1995 to become, in a short time, one of the most prominent and leading financial institutions in the Kingdom, providing the Jordanian market with a comprehensive range of commercial and investment banking services, highly customizable according to the needs of individual and corporate clients alike.

In its early days, Capital was established as an export and financing bank with an authorized capital of JOD 20 million (USD 28 million), adopting its new identity as the Capital Bank later on. At the same time, the authorized capital witnessed a steady increase to reach JOD 200 million (USD 282 million), making it the third largest bank in terms of the value of paid-up capital. Today, the total assets of Capital Bank in Jordan amount to JOD 2 billion (USD 3 billion).

Capital Bank specializes predominantly in trade finance and corporate banking activities. It offers a wide range of corporate and commercial services, including trade finance, asset management, financial brokerage, and market research. Many of these services are provided in close cooperation with Capital Investments, a subsidiary of Capital Bank and wholly owned by it. The bank also owns a controlling stake in the National Bank of Iraq, which enhances the reach and scope of its excellent financial services offerings.

In addition to the services that Capital provides to a large group of clients from prestigious institutions and commercial companies, it is also one of the pioneers in providing high-quality banking services to individual clients, including several categories and options of personal bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans, vehicle loans, and housing loans, which all feature competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

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Capital Investments (Dubai International Financial Centre)

Capital Investments (Dubai International Financial Centre) was established in 2014 as an investment and advisory company operating within the regulatory framework of the Dubai Financial Services Authority and is headquartered in the UAE. Capital Investments (Dubai Financial Center) specializes in providing clients with various financial advisory and capital raising services.

The firm's team has over 75 years of collective experience in investment banking and private advisory at both regional and international levels, particularly possessing deep experience across a range of key sectors, including pharmaceuticals, transportation, real estate, FMCG, food and beverage, logistics and distribution, oil and gas, IT, and financial services.

By providing world-class advisory services and supporting the group's operations across the region, Capital Investments (DIFC) is deeply committed to serving its clients to the fullest through customized solutions and flawless execution.

Iraqi Money Brokerage Company

A licensed Iraqi company specialized in buying and selling securities (stocks and bonds) in the Iraq Stock Exchange, and it is one of the companies affiliated with the National Bank of Iraq.

When opening a trading account, the client can buy and sell shares of Iraqi companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange through the Iraqi Money Financial Brokerage Company. The client can open an account with our company by visiting the company’s headquarters or any branch of the National Bank of Iraq, where forms are sent to open the account in coordination with the employees of the Iraqi Money Company.

If the account is opened for the customer, the customer’s sale amounts can be transferred from the company’s account to the customer’s account at the bank without any commissions and without the customer attending the company’s headquarters. The client can also deposit the amounts intended for purchase into the company’s account by visiting the company’s headquarters or transferring the amounts through the National Bank of Iraq application or by transferring the amount into the company’s account at any branch and without any commissions.

National Bank of Iraq

The National Bank of Iraq was established in 1995 to become today one of the most prominent financial institutions in the country.

The bank operates under strict international standards and offers a diverse range of comprehensive banking solutions to its corporate and individual clients. Its branches are strategically spread throughout the country - Baghdad, Basra, Umm Qasr, Najaf, Karbala, Mosul, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah - enabling it to provide high-level services to its customers all over Iraq.

Accordingly, the National Bank of Iraq is one of the most reliable and compliant banks in Iraq, with paid-up capital amounting to IQD 300 billion (USD 229 million) and total assets estimated at 3,718 trillion IQD (2.83 billion USD).